Bethany Farm
Summer Camp Application

At Bethany Farm, we desire to draw people into a relationship with Jesus through discipleship.  We are grateful for all that The Lord has done through the years of Bethany summer camps and we take the recruitment of counselors very seriously.  “Handling the word of God rightly” (2 Timothy 2:15) requires a lifestyle of being Christ-like; an active pursuit of holiness.  We pray that God will provide just the right people to join us as volunteer counselors this year.

Counselor Expectations
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Meal Time

During each meal counselors will be responsible to engage with the kids in line and disperse themselves among the tables.  A few counselors will also help to set up and/or clean up before and after meal times.


Counselors will have an assigned group of kids for the week.  The counselor’s group will meet together for “Breakouts” after the session, and the counselor will be responsible to get his or her group to the meetings on time.

Free Time

Counselors are encouraged to engage with campers throughout the free times during the week and create fun!  We will discuss pool / lake rules and requirements on site.

Big Games

Counselors will be developing and/or facilitating an all-camp game for each night of camp. Counselors are responsible to carry out the game and make sure campers are being safe while enjoying the game.


Each night, counselors will be required to make sure campers have gotten ready for bed and are in their respective dorms by curfew.  Counselors will give “last word God’s Word” before hitting out the lights.  Counselors are also responsible to help campers in the middle of the night if a problem should arise.


We expect our counselors to be cheerful and helpful, willing to help and quick to serve.

Counselor Application Form

Please read carefully and answer honestly.  Your honest answers are very important to us.